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Once, there was nothing but shadows. An entire world made only of darkness, absent of all light.

One day, so it is said, a star exploded to set the darkness aflame and with the light came life. Creatures of all shapes and sizes came into existence, with names like angel, demon, faery and dragon. They existed together peacefully, these new creatures of The Shadowlands. Until, eventually, they did not…




“…it’s flawlessly written. Ashlee Nicole Bye really knows how to write a story. She has her own voice, the kind that pulls you in and really makes the world come to life.Bibliophile Ramblings

”…new authors can either be a smack bang hit or disappointing miss- Ashlee Nicole Bye is definitely a big old hit! Being her first novel, her writing is beyond amazing and I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with! The pacing flows, the writing is descriptive but not overly so, the world is unique and the characters are amazing.” – Bookishfix

I loved Out of the Shadows. Sachi’s world is amazingly complex, full of supernatural creatures, competing factions and a complicated process for managing what happens to souls when they die.” – Cassandra Page, author of Isla’s Inheritance

This book was fantastic and promises to be a brilliant series. It is a delightful read full of page-turning action and intriguing characters with a hefty dose of humour. A feisty heroine, hot guys, demons, reapers…Out of the Shadows has it all!” – Cheryl, Goodreads reviewer

…the entire concept of this sic-fi/fantasy world is on point. The description and the writing style make for an enjoyable, hard to put down read. I can’t wait to see just what is in store for these characters.” – Jennifer Leigh, author of Incognito

”How come no one knows about this book? It would be a best-seller if they did!” – Malissa, Goodreads reviewer

One successful debut for Ashlee Nicole Bye! Truly succeeded in captivating me into the Shadowlands world. I loved this book and the characters even more.” – Viridiana, Goodreads reviewer