Time travel’s not all it’s cracked up to be… probably

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time of late doing historical research for one of my current works in progress, a time travel novel called The Time Thieves. The book touches on a few different places in history and I found myself wondering ‘would I want to go there if I had the chance?’

My answer? ‘Umm…. yeah, probably not.’

Here’s why:

Paris in the time of Louis XIV? No.

While I don’t mind getting dolled up for a special occasion, I’m much more of a jeans and t-shirt girl, so the odds of me ever agreeing to wear a corset are absolutely zero. And men’s fashion? Who the hell thought tights and ruffles were a good look?


I suppose it would be cool to meet the Musketeers, but they were old by Louis XIV’s time, so that wouldn’t be as fun. And, oh yeah, they’re fictional.

London in the Elizabethan era? No.

My 21st century DNA would most likely make me immune to the bubonic plague—but is that something I really want to risk?

And…. corsets!

Pre-WWII Berlin? Hell NO!

I really don’t know many people who would be like ‘Nazi Germany? Ooh fun!’ but as a visually impaired epileptic I have even more reason to stay the hell away from that particular time period.

So where would I go if I had my own TARDIS or Waverider or [insert time travel device here]? Well, that’s actually a pretty hard question. As fascinating as history is, it’s absolutely full of unpleasantness, particularly for women (and I’m not only referring to the rib-cracking, breath-restricting fashion choices). So finding a ‘perfect’ time period is pretty much impossible. Therefore, I’ve let my ‘romantic’ side take over my logical side and come up with…

Regency England/Napoleonic Europe

I.e. Europe c. 1810s

Sure, there were wars being fought all over the continent with Napoleon on the rampage, but it was a brief respite between the splendour of the Georgian era and the constraint of the Victorian era where… dun dun dun—corsets were not the fashion!

AND if literature is to be believed (Jane Austen was right there amongst it, after all) tall, dark and brooding men could be found (with not a tight or ruffle in sight!) all over the place, just waiting to sweep eligible young maidens off their feet.


But, of course, this is all just hypothetical. Considering how much I’m struggling at the moment with a broken dishwasher (I never realised how many dishes I use on a daily basis!), I doubt I’d last long in any era that required churning my own butter or using a washing board! *shiiver*

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