Book Review – The Ends of the World (The Conspiracy of Us #3)

With this being the third (and final) book in the series, I’m going to attempt to write a review without revealing spoilers from previous books, but it will probably make a lot more sense if you’ve already read the rest of the series. Here goes:

After the events at the conclusion of book two, Map of Fates, the story picks up with Avery crippled by grief. And although the story starts out somewhat hopeful, it doesn’t take long for the doom and gloom to set in and for Avery and her friends to once again find themselves fugitives of The Circle—the powerful group of families descended from Alexander the Great’s Diadochi—as they search for Alexander’s tomb and the final clue that could put an end to the chaos unleashed in the second book.


I really loved this story, and by that I mean the entire trilogy—every un-putdownable, page-turning moment. But I found The Ends of the World to be a wonderful conclusion, with all the elements of this fascinating adventure tied up in a way that left my heart racing and melting at the same time.

Maggie Hall writes beautifully, and I really love the characters she’s created in this story. In the first book, I’ll admit, I found Avery a little annoying and far too naïve. But I love the way her character has developed over the course of the series, and she absolutely shines in The Ends of the World.

I won’t go into the romance part of the story because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I was definitely happy with how things panned out and I think a lot of other readers will be also. Of course there will be a few who are disappointed, but you can’t please everyone, can you?




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