Book Review – Iniquitous (The Marked #3)

There are really only two words for this book: Dominic…sigh. 

This is the third instalment of Bianca Scardoni’s YA vampire series The Marked and it was my favourite by a long way. The book opens pretty much where the second book, Invidious, left off, but I won’t go into too much detail so as not to give away the book two cliffhanger. Suffice it to say, the main character, Jemma, is in a sticky situation and finds herself having to rely on Dominic, whom she neither likes nor trusts.


One of the great things about this instalment was the absence of all the high school drama—I’m sure reigning high-school bitch queen Nikki will be back at some stage but the break from all the angsty bitchy stuff was welcome.

But the best thing about this book—Dominic! Oh, so much Dominic! And even better—way less Trace (who is seriously one of the most boring characters I’ve ever read, and I hate the way Jemma turns into a complete sap around him instead of the strong, independent, totally kickass character she usually is).

I won’t give spoilers but to sum up, this book is basically 50% Dominic being awesome, 30% Jemma kicking butt, 15% Trace being a tool and Jemma being a sap, and 5% Jemma being totally naive.

There were still a few overused phrases (lots of ‘ticking chins’ and ‘bouncing glances’) as in the first two books, but the story is so enthralling these little things are easy to overlook.

One final thought—there is a scene that made my heart absolutely melt…and then completely break a few pages later when Jemma had it removed from her memory (vampire powers and all that). I really, really, really hope she gets that memory back in the next book!



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