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e169e8a814e17eb4771646486efcd5ba_originalIf you’ve never gotten into webcomics before, this is a great place to start. Sharp Zero is a young adult LGBTQI leaning comic created by the exceptionally talented Robotsharks about a teenaged guy who gets ‘superpowers’ after being exposed to a substance called Sharp Zero. There is a huge cast of awesome characters including people of colour, people with disabilities and, as mentioned, quite a few LGBTQI characters.

Elliott, our main protagonist, is such a fantastic character. An accident-prone ball of nervous energy with a wicked sense of humour, I can imagine him being easily relatable to a lot of teenagers out there. I’m loving watching his character develop as the story unfolds, and even though waiting for a new page each week can sometimes be excruciating, it’s always well worth it.

As you can see below, the art work is fantastic, and the frames are easy to follow (which makes it great for beginners). And, for some extra points from a girl with a vision impairment, the text is nice and clear—which is something you’d think would be a ‘must’ for a comic, but trust me, it’s not always the case.

I think perhaps the thing I love most about this comic is the complete randomness of its plot, which is generally used to create humour. It is honestly so one of a kind it feels impossible to even describe it, but if I had to form a comparison the best I could do would be Daria meets The Mighty Boosh, but y’know, with LGBTQI vigilantes and demons and stuff.


Sharp Zero is available to read for free on Tapastic, but you can support RobotSharks on Patreon and you can also purchase volumes of the Sharp Zero series if you’re more of a hard copy type of person.

We’re now up to chapter seven, so there is plenty of awesome content there to binge on before you get to that horrible ‘what am I going to do until the next page comes out?’ stage.


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