The Fiercest Flame is inside Fire and Ice

Seraphina Conley has a demon living inside her. One that shoots flames from her fingertips when she’s upset or angry.

At least, that’s what she’s always believed—until her prison transport is hijacked enroute to the appeal of her arson conviction and she winds up kidnapped by a guy wielding the same sort of powers she has.

It turns out Sera is half salamander—a Fire Elemental—a dangerous thing to be left untrained and unsupervised out in the human world. She needs to learn to control the unpredictable and deadly force inside her, and that means going back to school—sort of.

The intensive training salamander younglings go through before their final Testing is like nothing Sera’s ever experienced before. There’s no homeroom, no study hall, no SAT prep. It’s all gruelling physical training, exhausting flame work, and poring through ancient texts until you’re seeing double. 

Making things even more challenging is the constant distraction in the form of three gorgeous Fire Princes—Aidan, Dante and Fenix. Sera knows nothing can really happen with them—she’s a halfling and they’re princes, not to mention the way salamanders feel about polygamous relationships—but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun playing with fire.

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