Fared Three is inside Playing With Fire

I have a secret. And if anyone learns the truth a lot of people are going to get hurt.

It all started when my best friend Baden asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend. And not just his, but his fellow bear shifters Ky and Jagger’s as well. They want to be together, but the only way they can make it work is if they all have the same girlfriend. Bear males aren’t allowed to date each other, and they’re definitely not allowed to fall in love, so if anyone finds out we’re only faking they could be banished from the Bear Clan and kicked out of school—no pressure or anything.

It’s not exactly a hardship pretending to be doted on by three gorgeous, charming bears—even if I do have to put up with my parents’ lectures on the impracticality of dating outside my clan—but the more time I spend with them, the more I start to genuinely care for them. And the more I start to feel…things.

I know they have each other, but maybe…maybe they could have me too? Maybe what we have isn’t so fake after all?

Fated Three is a Young Adult Reverse Harem Academy novella with a fake relationship and forbidden love. It’s part of the Fated Academy series and is exclusive to the Playing With Fire forbidden love box set.

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