About my reviews

I have recently started adding book reviews to my blog content as part of my endeavour to streamline the content towards a more central focus i.e. reading a writing.

I am not a proper reviewer or even a proper blogger. I am attempting to keep this blog as current as possible, but first and foremost I am a novelist with bibliophilic tendencies.

Why am I saying all of this? Well, I would like readers to understand that the reviews I post are of books I enjoy and want to recommend to other people. This is why you will only ever find four and five star reviews on this site.

Also, while most of my reviews will be for YA books (mainly fantasy), that is not all I read, so there will no doubt be the odd historical fiction, romantic comedy or MM romance pop up amongst my reviews, again, if I think it’s a book other people should know more about.

Finally–at the moment I have a long list of 2017 releases to catch up on, so the books I’m reviewing will be reasonably current….for now. If I discover a book published ten years ago that I think people need to read, I won’t let the fact it’s not current stop me from reviewing it.

As far as my ratings go, they are purely based on my enjoyment. Five stars = this book may as well have been superglued to my hands because I seriously could not put it down. Four stars = I loved this book and will definitely read this series/author again but I didn’t lose any sleep to finish it.