I am a thirty-one year-old born and bred Melbournian who enjoys watching the sunrise and long walks on the beach….

not. If I’m ever up for the sunrise it’s because I didn’t get to bed the night before (most likely thanks to that really awesome book I’m reading) and I’m probably the only Aussie who doesn’t like the feeling of sand between my toes. Yuk!

So here are a few things I do like:  books (particularly SF/F and romantic comedies), history, Disney movies, the Essendon Football Club (Aussie Rules for anyone not from around these parts), travelling, music, my iPhone, CHOCOLATE, the city of Melbourne, ramen (yuuummmm…ramen), my family (especially my three awesome nephews and two beautiful nieces), my friends, my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, Sadie,, any and all things that make me laugh, Asian food, Italian food, Greek food (okay, I like food no matter where it’s from!), Christmas time, and quotes (movies, books, song lyrics, you name it!)

If you’re not visiting this page because you’re one of my friends trying to give it a boost (and thanks guys if you are!) then you won’t know that I’m legally blind, thanks to a visual impairment called Stargardt’s Disease.

What the hell’s that?

The most simple explanation is that Stargardt’s Disease is similar to Macular Degeneration, but it affects young people (I was 21 when I was first diagnosed). It is a condition of the retina and causes loss of central vision. The peripheral vision remains in tact, though, which is why I just blow up my computer to 450% sized 24 font when I’m writing, allowing my side vision to catch everything.

Photo by Roam and Wander Photography (makeup by Mason Makeup)